Sunday, June 22, 2014

Zaccheroni fear loss of balance

With a point to their name in Group C, Japan coach Alberto Zaccheroni accepts that things didn't go to his side so far on FIFA World Cup 2014 ™ plan Brazil. Two quick goals were their downfall against Côte d' Ivoire, while a wall out of ten Greeks proved impervious, meaning the encounter with an already-qualified Colombia with a decisive tone. Their performances are not well again get on the streets of Tokyo and the Italian tactician admits, he has not directly in Brazil.

"I knew that something could happen, because in such an important competition, it is very difficult to find the right balance, a good performance," said Zaccheroni "I was hoping to find this, but in fact does not succeed, to find that we had our game way to impose the tactical and psychological balance. We went to Brazil with an idea in mind and tried to combine our quality and speed. "I have to acknowledge that we were able to find this balance not yet."

Fast approaching, the former coach of AC Milan and Inter Milan realized with their game in the arena-Pantanal in Cuiabá against on song Cafeteros (coffee growers), the time is ticking, to get in shape. With qualification from their hands they me a favor from the Greeks against Les Elephants have a chance at the pipping the Africans into second place.

"We're trying to best prepare can we on a technical, tactical and psychological level," said Zaccheroni. "So far we have proved ourselves up to the expectations we all had. So we are trying these days to prepare, so that in the following match we "best wearing our Sunday", so to speak.

Fans who saw the goalless draw with Greece, where up to ten men were Fernando Santos page about 45 minutes of the game, are undoubtedly a feeling that her often elegant wardrobe near was used more dress down Friday as Sunday best. With more than two-thirds of the possession and nearly three times as many cars as their European opponents they weren't yet able to unlock their defence.

As a result, need Zaccheroni that the football to defend that, he 2010 has brought since the departure of Takeshi Okada after South Africa in the course of the game to Asia.

"We are more than 50 games have played, I have been coach of Japan for four years now, and during the time span" he said. "50 games are usually enough to understand who we are and who we are not. Of course, every team has its highs and deep, and we have in the past had.

"My personal experience my work basis, but I took also into account Japanese culture and the special features of the Japanese players. I tried it with the functions provide, with which they can be more competitive on a global scale. Before the World Cup, we were conceding more than we are now. "But that was not what we, were targeted, as we are always on the creation of more and more opportunities to score."

The Italian merit, with 55 percent has no trainer in history leads Japan's better percentage of profits to Japan more than 30 times, while only Ken Naganuma and Zico have accumulated more victories. Nevertheless, he admits that his position with the team will be to the discussion at the end of their time in Brazil.

"I have a current four-year contract with the Japanese Football Association, where this World Cup will end this cycle," Zaccheroni said. "We will speak about my future after the World Cup."

To these talks something longer but delay, which it is hoped native Northern Italy his figures of light can. Shinji Kagawa has been unable to find his best form, while Keisuke Honda has taken not the same height, as four years ago with Zaccheroni they feel and the rest of his side struggling for cohesion in the face of expectations.

"Pressure is something that is placed on players at every World Championships and they need to live," admitted the coach of 30 years. "I don't think that Keisuke is suffering under pressure more than the others." I think she all failed to find the appropriate tactical, mental and spiritual balance. "In Italy, we say there is no spark, what means that we lack in confidence and excitement."

It sparks or balance, they need to find, click on in Brazil there are many travel fans in the sold-out stands of the arena-Pantanal, which they finally discover hope - and they pray not to late to reach their destination, the knockout stage.

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