Sunday, June 15, 2014

Party time on the Copacabana

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Copacabana Beach has been chosen as the venue for the FIFA Fan Fest for the second consecutive FIFA World Cup™. People from all four corners of the world were making their presence felt during Brazil’s opening match, as 20,000 fans headed to the beach to watch a Seleção win 3-1 against Croatia.

Just like at the traditional New Year’s Eve parties at Copacabana, the crowds lining the sand on Thursday were of all nationalities, including many that failed to qualify for the tournament itself. Fans from North America, Malta, Israel, England, New Zealand… take your pick.

What with all the national flags and face paint, it was easy to pick them out. But the colours were the only thing separating them. This aside, they were just one big group of fans, determined to have a good time and make the most of the World Cup atmosphere. After all, it was a party. And what better place to celebrate than Copacabana Beach.

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