Sunday, June 22, 2014

Afful speed ahead for Ghana

There were only five minutes before an electrifying encounter between Ghana and Germany. Both sides had revealed no inch of turf in the Estadio Castelao and the score was locked to 2-2. However, despite the heat and humidity in Fortaleza - strength juice there conditions for each player - a man who continues to calculate the pitch, dashing back, to win the ball, before the thundering w. Upfield again, to send in a dangerous cross.

This man was Ghana No23 Harrison Afful who were patrolling the Black Stars right flank, seemed to have all game long but even more speed and power than all the other 21 players on the field. A relatively unknown name on a global scale, to stay longer to FIFA World Cup ™ expected value of a random variable, Afful unlikely, as these benefits in 2014 in the shadow.

How could you have stayed, such can phenomenal athlete under the radar for so long, especially almost twenty-eight questions? The answer is simple: Afful has never played in European football. He has not lacked, promotions, but the all action Defender has still preferred with Tunisian Giants Espérance Sportive de Tunis, where he has spent the last four years.

"I had offers, but I do not feel that they were right for me," said a smiling and refreshingly modest Afful, in an interview with after the Germany game. "I am happy in Tunis and they have treated me always very well, I would not leave only to something new try." On the other hand, when an interesting opportunity come my way, of course I it would hold, "he added with a twinkle in his eyes."

Hope still intact
The Primera División of course has more strings to his bow than just speed and endurance. Citing a never-say-die attitude as another strength, Afful is technical quality remarkably well, as shown when he sent in the exact cross, André Ayew Ghana level 1: 1 head enabled.

"It [the spirit] is a part of me." If I didn't, not myself would be,"said the little Dynamo. "Since I was very young, I quickly and I liked ever with the ball when I'm nearby so I have to go looking for it." Moreover, I love my country and my team-mates, so I never will stop, everything I have to help them."

How Afful Ghana's chances of moving from Group G, now, that their fate in their hands, not alone? "It's a shame, that we win today could not. It would be great to get all three points have been. But we ran us into the ground, and against a team of the caliber of Germany played really well", he said before emerging with a vow of all-stars of Black supporters. "We have to go one more game and we will give it to go through everything. If we do not qualify, not from lack of effort it."

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