Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sturridge: We must repeat performance to Italy.

England may have lost their 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ™ opener, but Daniel Sturridge want to crunch a repetition in Thursday game with Uruguay. Roy Hodgson, who described Three Lions display against Italy as the best of his Government, despite the Group D with Italy fight ends in a 2-1-defeat.

There were many positive from the game against the four-time champion, in particular their impressive attacking threat and Sturridge scorer take hopes that the result in their can replicate a must-win game with Uruguay, England, however a different result. "It is important that we continue the way we have against Italy to play," said the strong-form Liverpool striker.

"I thought we played very well, it was just unfortunate. There were two very good sites out there, but the breaks and we don't have it. We worked very hard as a team and played good football and created a lot of chances, we lost watching the game.

"We are disappointed because we deserved something from the game, but sometimes you can't get the breaks, which you wish to receive. We worked their "keeper - when you get shots on goal and their ' keeper makes a good save you have to say 'Fair Play'." It was regrettable that we to get something from the game. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you not lucky. That's football."

England's attitude and inclinations have deservedly in the aftermath, has been praised, although nothing in the ranks of the group that counts. Only goal difference separates you and below Uruguay placed after Costa Rica, a surprise 3-1-suffered defeat.

The fact that the lost Uruguay before, doesn't really change anything. If she had won their game she would still want to beat us.

England's Daniel Sturridge facing their match with Uruguay, this is a must-win situation for both sides

A delicious meeting is the results of the first round on Thursday in Sao Paulo, where the losers their group stage exit, which see everything else as confirmed. "It is a great game, but which are the ones where everyone is looking forward to the games," Sturridge said. "We all want to play, and regardless of whether we'd won today or not, we are seeking still into it with a positive mindset and positive attitude to win the game.

"Not really nothing to change the fact that the lost Uruguay previously. If they won their game, she would want to hit to us and secure their advance to the next round as early as possible. The Italy result change anything. We have to show two games, what we can do. There is to win two games."

Key is a stronger defensive performance from England and a more clinical edge at the gate to success against Uruguay. Sturridge that first half of the year was strike across England had for 18 shot against Italy with the wayward finishing and the back-up goalkeeper Salvatore Sirigu thwart the good performance to show them.

It had looked like an injury, Captain Gianluigi Buffon would increase England's chances on the eve of the match, however, shone his Deputy between the sticks. Collect only, Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper produced several fine England saves his ninth cap for Italy in chess hold and Italy on track for qualification.

"It was good to win, because it showed that we have a little more patience," Sirigu said. "We got some criticism, but it will make us feel relaxed. If I had to play, I would be ready. We hope to come back to him, but.

"He's a big name and he had his little today to say a few words before the game. So there is no problem at all. If he wins, he knows that he back his old place, and I know where my will be. It's so easy."

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