Saturday, July 12, 2014

Basanta: We have to enjoy the final

Argentina Defender Jose Maria Basanta believes that be team "by a magic wand touched been" and urged his colleagues to enjoy World Cup final against Germany on Sunday FIFA.

The left-back said Saturday's pre-game press conference at the MaracanĂ£ in Rio de Janeiro, the prospect of a World Cup final was a dream.

"The dream is a dream that belongs to everyone," said Basanta. "We have been touched a wand and we have to enjoy this moment." It's a dream true once in life, but we have to enjoy it. It will be over very quickly."

Germany defeated Brazil 7-1 in the semi final, but Argentina went over six hours without conceding a goal, a goal and Basanta believes that defensive displays should pull his team heart from her.

"We have seen how Germany will play during the World Cup. They are a balanced team in all they do, "said the 30-year-old, who started the competition with Marcos Rojo link back.

We have a big dream, and we hope that we can implement it in the real world.

Jose Maria Basanta, Argentina Defender

"We also talk about emotional balance and this identifies Germany. You are one of the best teams in the world, but we also have our own thinking. I think the team to the knockout rounds have been very solid. We still not rooms left open for our opponents, and we need for tomorrow (Sunday). "

On Sunday, game won a repeat of the 1990 final in Rome, the Federal Republic of Germany 1-0, with a penalty, but Basanta dismissed suggestions, the Argentina revenge were on a mission.

"We want to write a new story," he said. "It was very painful, we know what happened. We have to be very focused, we're all motivated and we want a positive story tomorrow to make.

"I think it would be something nice for the people of Argentina with the Cup back. But we have one more step to take. We have a big dream and we hope that we can implement it in reality."

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